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Over the centuries the bathroom goes a long way. Today, it is not just a place for personal hygiene relaxation and a rest. The formula for the creation of the modern bathroom is a combination sense of aesthetic, functionality and practicality – determining factors in a space of harmony and peace. Non-standard forms of various elements, the combination between materials and colors of modular furniture and bathroom mirrors can be turned into single and unique.

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Unusual forms

“Daisy 13” enables its clients to implement their individual projects and their ideas. Each cabinet is unusual and reflects the atmosphere in which they felt best.

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Various elements

Required accessories needed to make every bathroom furniture, such as plating, sinks, lamps, mirrors, are carefully selected by Daisy 13. They can meet the requirements and tastes of each client of ours. Leading factors in their selection and quality are their original design.

Preview - Various elements

Materials and colors richness

The material of which 13 Daisy makes its furniture is polystyrene / plastic type. This saves customers fear they will be wet with water directly. Bathroom furniture Daisy 13 are fully VODOUS TOYCHIVI. The devices are coated with polyurethane varnish binary and implemented in a wide range of colors.

Preview - Materials and colors richness


13 Daisy furniture will refreshed your bathroom and offer you the opportunity to shape the space around your own taste. In this site you can see the new standard models of bathroom furniture from “Lux” series, and optional accessories.

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