About us


Daisy ® 13 company specializes in the manufacture of bathroom furniture.

magazin2.jpg“Daisy-13 Ltd Rousse, Bulgaria is specialized in the manufacture of bathroom furniture.

Company on the Bulgarian market represents a hitherto unknown product – bathroom furniture from polystyrene / plastic type.  Team and sets a new,  non-standard,  practical, and managed to win the Bulgarian consumer.

“Daisy-13” up and improved over the years the technology of production of bathroom furniture from polystyrene together with people from your team.

The material from which they are made furniture e polystyrene. This type enables you to directly wet without changing their quality and form, which gives the company three years written guarantee.  Products are covered with binary water-based varnishes,  meeting the new requirements of European Union environmental for clean production.  The company offers a variety of colors.

magazin3.jpg“Daisy-13” produces over 45 models of standard furniture.  Repeatedly develop new models of furniture and look for new technologies for their manufacture. The company has registered and reserved trade marks and geographical design standard furniture for the domestic market and saved the logo for the European market.

During the period from May 2005 to present “Daisy-13” made serious investments for purchase, renovation and modernization of its own building from 4500kv.m and for machinery and equipment. Introducing new systems management and monitoring of production and quality of the finished product. The company’s desire to improve the labor of its employees providing modern technology and working conditions and to build confidence with the European market.

magazin3.jpgThe company’s team consists mainly of young, ambitious and thinking people. Daisy 13’s success is due to the fact that always strives to offer a variety of colors and new designs of their products, to meet the needs and preferences and most demanding customers.

13 years experience and market position of the Daisy 13 Ltd make it one of the most preferred partner for many leading companies in Bulgaria in the field of trade and bathroom furniture.